Residential property investment has proven to be one of the safest, most stable forms of investment for Australians. Residential property is a predictable, long term wealth option with low risk and solid return. However, you need research and professional opinion to assist you in making a correct and informed decision when investing.

Benefits Of Investing With Macquarie Home Group In A Newly Built Home

There’s something special about owning a new home. But for the property investor, new homes offer tangible advantages:

  1. They appeal to the rental market.
  2. The older the structure, the higher the repairs and maintenance costs. While these costs are tax deductable, they require actual spending which impacts your cash flow.
  3. New homes attract a much higher depreciation for taxation purposes, but without the need to actually spend money.
  4. There are government concessions for new residential properties.
  5. No hidden cost or confusing terms; transparent costings are assured.
  6. High quality product inclusions from top brands.
  7. Turnkey finish including landscaping, driveways, fencing, clothes line and more.
  8. Macquarie Home Group will put you in contact with a professional team of consultants for home loan advice and investment strategies.
  9. Macquarie Home Group and our associated builders will manage the construction process from concept to completion.
  10. Depending on the location of your property, Macquarie Home Group can offer rental guarantees. Relax with the peace of mind of knowing exactly how much you’re investment will earn.

Government Grant Schemes

There are a number of government schemes for first time buyers and new home buyers. They vary from state to state and can be complex. We believe that investing in property should be an exciting and profitable experience. We have access to experts who can assist you to realise and enjoy the full entitlement of these benefits.

Macquarie Home Group Advice For First Time Investors

Are you a first time property investor? Here are some important points which you may want to consider before investing your hard earned money.

  1. Do you have a property investment strategy? What type of return are you looking for? Are you investing to generate a positive return or to build equity? Are you investing to create a source of income during retirement or is it where you want to eventually live? When it comes to property investment, it’s important to choose a design that fits with your financial plan.
  2. Before selecting your house plan, understand your target market. To maximise returns, choose a design that appeals to that market.
  3. Take the emotion out of your investment. Over or under capitalisation will detract from your end financial goal.
  4. Optimise your rental income. Invest in locations with high rental demand and positive long term growth projections.
  5. Have you done enough research? Macquarie Home Group can help you find the best opportunities by providing detailed market analyses and demographic reports.