Construction Process

Building your new home is exciting, especially when you understand how the process works. The following overview outlines the typical steps involved in the construction of a new home and will help keep you informed of what happens at key stages.

  1. Choose from our extensive range of packages
  2. Review the fixed price quotation
  3. Arrange finance and solicitor
  4. Review, sign and return the Building Agreement
  5. Applications lodged and included fees paid
  6. Ensure conditions to begin construction are fulfilled
  7. The construction schedule covers the building of your home
  8. A total of 5 progress payments during the construction process
  9. Certificate of Completion and walk-through inspection
  10. After handover, your new Macquarie Home Group Home is ready for occupation
  11. A three-month maintenance period after occupation

Building Guide

1. House and Land Design

Once you have selected from our extensive range of quality house designs, have chosen your land and the contracts and approvals are in place, the house construction takes place over an 18-week period.

2. Fixed Price Quotation

Fixed Price Quotation will be provided for you to review and accept.

3. Contract Request

Once you have accepted the fixed price quotation, you will need to provide us with the details of your finance arrangements and your solicitor.

4. Building Agreement

Your building agreement package will be sent to you and includes:

New Home Construction Contract
Building Specifications and Inclusions

You must read and sign these documents and return to us within 7 days.This will allow us to proceed with the next stages of building your home.

5. Building Approvals

When Macquarie Home Group has received the Authority for unconditional finance and together with a 10% deposit, we will:

  1. Prepare and lodge Council Applications
  2. Liaise with the certifiers to answer any queries that they may have
  3. Pay the Building Permit fees on your behalf, which have been included in the price of your home

6. Authority to Commence Construction

Having received your building approvals, we need to ensure that all the conditions on your contract have been satisfied. These include:

  1. Finance Approval Mortgage Documents
  2. Client Building Contract
  3. Building Permits & Approvals

We will follow up on all the subject conditions, assisting you in any way possible to ensure they are all met.

7. Construction

With all subject conditions satisfied on your building agreement and all orders placed we are in a position to start building your home.

Construction Schedule
Weeks 1-4 – earthworks, drains, slabs and frames are built.
Weeks 5-8 – the house is complete to lock up stage with kitchen installed.
Weeks 9-11 – internal tiling, bathroom fixtures and fittings are installed and the home is painted.
Weeks 12-15 – Final painting is completed with electrical and plumbing fittings installed. Carpets and blinds are installed.
Weeks 16-18 – Driveways, fences, clothes lines are constructed and installed. Landscaping is completed and the home given a final clean in preparation of handover
As the home progresses you will be asked to make progress payments at 5 stages as stated in your building agreement.
Our team will liaise with you for collection of these payments.
Base complete 15%
Frame 20%
Enclosure 35%
Fixing 20%
Practical Completion 5%
(Totaling 100% with a 5% initial deposit)

8. Presentation

Two weeks prior to expected completion of your home, you will be contacted to be advised of the scheduled handover date of your new home.You will at this stage be provided with a Certificate of Completion.
A walk-through inspection of your home will be conducted and any minor defects will be noted and attended to within 7 days where possible.
In order for you to take possession of the home, we will require the balance of your final payment to be paid.
When you have taken possession, it becomes your responsibility to ensure that the home is insured, and to open accounts for the supply of gas, electricity and telephone connection.

9. Handover

Handing over a new home is the most anticipated part of any new home build. Once you are satisfied with the construction and the final payment installment has been received, your Macquarie Home Group Home will be ready for personal occupation or the rental market.

10. After Service Care

Home building is a complex process. Macquarie Home Group acknowledges this by offering a maintenance service for three months after occupation.Anytime within the first three months of occupation, provide us with a list of things you’d like us to address and we will rectify these as required.